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Coastal defense weapon pit Concept

Coastal defense weapon pit
Presentation illustration,
ISO A0, brownprint
(lineweights and perspective according to UNI and DIN standards)


Designed to take part in an international contest, this weapon pit featured the capability of being operational even in lack of electric supply and after years of inactivity, thanks to gravitational energy stored by a set of huge lead weights which, once manually released, provided the necessary pressure to hydraulic systems, thus allowing the Anti-NBC hatch to be open and the heavy armored gun tower to be lifted in its operative position.


Indiana Jones

Imagine a huge machinery in a cave waking up after years; the lead weights are slipping down their guides, the pressure gauges are vibrating, the great cylinders start moving with a feeble squeak.
The heavy hatch slowly opens with a pervading roller noise; the gun is raised, and locked in position with a last rumble.
Where is Indiana Jones?

Andrea "Dria" Obinu

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