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G 500 offshore drillrig

G500 drillrig, presentation illustration
Presentation illustration,
freehand cutaway perspective view, ISO A0, brownprint (detail)


Required by Soilmec , one of leading drillrig manufacturers in Italy, project G 500 came from a strict collaboration between Mr. Pietro Ferrara and me.

I learned most of what I know about offshore oil drilling from my friend Pietro, and I was very glad to collaborate to this fine concept design.
This rig featured two movable lifting guides, not rigidly linked each another, and an uncommon reeving, which allowed the drilling head to be lifted and lowered using one only or both the guides, thus achieving freedom of movement, speed regulation and a built-in heave compensation.

Furtherly developed by Studio Tecnico Pietro Ferrara, this interesting rig was inserted also in a concept design performed for SAIPEM , but it hasn't yet been completely realized.

Some experts think this design is the most advanced offshore drillrig available nowadays.

3D model rendering
The Drillrig, 3D model rendering
Further development included a 3D modeling to define more details.


3D model rendering
Inside the Drillrig, 3D model rendering
3D modeling allows a great freedom of vision.

(Both renderings courtesy of Mr. Marco Ferrara, of Studio Tecnico Pietro Ferrara)



The reeving for this rig is somehow similar to a fork lift's one, but it was developed remembering tall ships reevings, which were to be efficient, simple to install and with a tidy rope setting.

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