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Handles and cover for B203 - B206 remote control

marine motors remote control handles - presentation illustration
Presentation illustration,
70 x 50 cm, airbrush and markers on illustration board


Over-molded on the metal levers, these handles are designed to give the operator a smooth and warm feel and a secure grip. Besides, they are to allow easy simultaneous throttle opening in two- or more- motors boats.

The steersman's hand can operate two or three gas throttles at once thanks to the cylindrical handle terminal, and it can shift gears both in phase and in opposition, as while maneuvering, with the comfortable grip of a spherical handle.

Probably for or the first time in the history of boat remote controls design, the cylinder and the sphere live together in the same handle group.

But they are perfectly coordinated...


American ABYC standards require the handles of throttle and gear controls to differentiate by colors (usually, throttle is red) and by shape, to be easily distinguished at sight and by the touch.

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