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Andrea Obinu

Born in Savona, Italy, in 1960, I am a freelance designer since early 1988 and I am a member of ADI (Italian Association for Industrial Design) since 1992.

I am registered in the Roll of B.E.D.A. (Bureau of European Designers Associations) as a Product Designer.

Most of my designs are related to products and machineries, sometimes huge or uncommon ones, but I develop graphic design, and web design as well; besides, I produce high-quality technical illustrations with several techniques, from airbrush to computer graphics.

I collaborate with Alessandro Marcelli in web applications and software development.


Alessandro MarcelliAlessandro Marcelli

Born in Albenga, Italy, in 1986, I am a freelance Web Designer since 2000.

I studied independently HTML, XHTML and CSS, realizing from the beginning small web sites.

I switched to professional scripting in 2002 when I upgraded from static languages to PHP, which I studied in deep to develop complex functions in the dynamic web site

Since 2015 I offer a service of Software Design, I develop applications for Microsoft ® Windows ® in C# language, most of them are freeware, but I also develop for commercial use or by customer request.

I've always been collaborating with Andrea Obinu, particularly in web graphics and interface design.

Since 2010 I am a member of the I.W.A. - International Web Association - (formerly International Webmasters Association).



Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Vince Lombardi

International Web Association - Alessandro Marcelli - Member

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