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Industrial Design

From aesthetic and technical concept design to a complete development of the project. Full integration with the other services for a turnkey supply.

Version # 5
Version # 5, presentation illustration,
chalks and pastels on paper, 10" x 15" (detail)

After a thorough study off all technical needs, realistic illustrations are used instead of usual designer's sketches to represent the product as it can actually be manufactured, to let the client know exactly its appearance.

In the term "industrial design" the whole of my activity is summoned: starting from a concept design, which regards both aesthetic and technical requirements of the product, some versions are basically designed among which the final is chosen. The variations are displayed by realistic illustrations to represent the actual look of the product.

Then the chosen version is developed up to executive design, through a study process including wide interfacing with mold manufacturers and components suppliers.

CAD basic Gouraud shading
Chain link, CAD.
Developments from an elder project.

3D CAD is an invaluable help in the design of complex shapes

The presentation of the product is then implemented, through accurate realistic technical illustrations which can be used to describe an object weeks before it becomes true.

The client is not yet left alone at this point, as all the graphic design that maybe required is then performed, from logos to folders and catalogs, not excluding manuals with all related graphics, texts and illustrations.

HTML-based presentations and manuals or even web sites can also be realized, both on CD-ROM's or on the Internet.

Remote control basic version
Remote control handles.
Photograph of the finished product.

Once the production has started, a fine photograph is often the best choice to introduce a product.

Sometimes, a complete services may require a teamwork; I am well used to cooperate with other professionals, of client's or my own choice, or to integrate my consultancy into a client's existent team.


A good design services should be complete today, and should include a thorough assistance to the product realization, as well as to its presentation and to related communication activities.
A client should not be left alone, if the designer's experience can still be useful.

Andrea "Dria" Obinu

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