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Graphic and Typographic Design

Graphics for industry: trademark and logos design; folders, catalogs, other printed matters; corporate image; vehicles painting patterns; font design. 

detail of original bcc logo design drawing
Detail of original drawing for BCC logo: characters definitions, pencil on paper, 1992.
Original size: low case letters are 50 mm high (1" abt.)

I like very much graphic design: to outline a logo and to choose the colors and the fonts the designer is not just to be an artist, but also to achieve a thorough understanding of the client, of its policy, needs and style.

Graphic design always contains some communication, and a logo, a page of text, a booklet, an advertising page, are all facets of the same crystal.

From this point of view, graphic design is not a matter of minor importance in the modern economy, and a good graphic designer has room enough to give way to his creativity.

But the designer shall not be the sole protagonist of his work; he shall avoid to display useless artistry and he shall make every possible effort to render his design clear and easy to be read and understood.

CAD drawing for White Cross Emblem
The geometry below White Cross Emblem; CAD, 1998

Besides all that, graphic design is an interesting matter whose basic principles did not undergo dramatic changes in the computer era: the need for a careful planning is not less than in the past, creativity continues to belong to human beings and a powerful graphic workstation can help but not substitute an experienced professional.


Your mission is to let people read what you are going to print, not to exhibit your ability in creating a complicated artwork.
You are a typographer, and you don't need to demonstrate that you are also an artist

An unknown Printer, London, 1896

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