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  G.D.W.S. - General Design, Web & Software
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Web Design

Hypertext presentations. Web graphics. Portals. Dynamic and interactive web sites.

G.D.W.S. makes your Web Site made-on-measure

We do not use any CMS, so your Web Site will be created on your own requirements.

Dynamic web sites: to update your web site daily by yourself, to interact with visitors, to have reserved areas for registered users or administrators, to create your own web community through forums, chats and personalized contents. 
(sito web del "Circolo Nautico del Finale", PHP, HTML5 e CSS) 

To build a modern and functional web site standard HTML is not enough, a good dynamic site needs modern scripting languages like php.


Web sites for mobile: to be fully visible even on mobile browsers., mobile
(Mobile mode, PHP, HTML5 e CSS) 

Modern web sites must be easily usable even by smartphone or tablet.


Web Shops: to start selling your product worldwide.,  online shop
(full version, PHP, HTML5 e CSS) 

An online shop is the best choiche to sell worldwide.



Design is a funny word.
Some people think design means how it looks
But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.

Steve Jobs

International Web Association - Alessandro Marcelli - Member

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