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Floating stern ramp - swimming pool for a cruise ship

stern ramp - swimming pool
Presentation illustration,
11.4" x 17.7", airbrushed acrylics on board


Designed to let passengers enjoy swimming safely even in shark - infested seas, the stern ramp is lowered down to freely float, and is used also for easy embarking on yachts for short journeys.

The transparent bottom allows seabed vision; it has the aesthetic value of a gem mounted on the great ship's stern, and is perfectly integrated into the ship's overall style.

The illustration, which came after concept design, features ramp / pool in both operating and closed position to show its significance in stern's aesthetics.

Unfortunately, this project was never accomplished.

Ian Fleming?

That year, my friends in Navalimpianti featured a lot of fancy in their requests, so I guessed Ian Fleming himself was about to write down their technical specifications...

Andrea "Dria" Obinu

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