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Illustration of an Automotive oil filter

oil filter, cutaway perspective illustration
Technical illustration,
13.7" x 19.6", airbrushed acrylics on illustration board


This illustration, required for a pamphlet, was performed starting from filter original blueprints; the cutaway perspective drawing was colored in acrylics on illustration board with an airbrush; retouchings were made in pastels and gouache.

A typical technical illustration, it is a fine, warm image with even the purpose of describing the interior of this object in detail, so it may be used for didactic purposes as well as for advertising.

Original request: "...Handmade, please; everyone has computer graphics today..." may sound amazing; we were in late 1993, and this was one of the last glorious airbrush illustration...

Hand made, please...

This was the client's original request: computer graphics was still a new stuff and its results had often too artificial an appearance: in late 1993 airbrush was still the best choice.

Andrea "Dria" Obinu

International Web Association - Alessandro Marcelli - Member

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